building process #2 – solder tablet control wires

since the tablet will be within a frame, we won’t have access to the hard keys.

so i came up with a solution of controling the tablet with wires interface, using the CD4066BE chip, activated by capacitive sensores (AKA capsense)

read on CD4066BE:

read on capsense:

so, i opened up the tablet and solder all the hard keys terminals. (and in this tablet it was sooo easy since it had a big side by side 5 terminal points for the hard keys..)

soldering points

soldering points



the green wire need to be connected to the positive side of reset button.




that it.. easy, we done- add some female header to the wires..

tablet control wires

tablet control wires



it works like that:

screen on/off – connect BLUE + BLACK

for shut down – connect GREEN+BLACK

volume down – connect WHITE+GRAY

volume up – connect PURPLE + GRAY


so we got 6 wire to manipulate: black, white, gray, purple, blue, green.

we will control the tablet using the CD4066BE chip controlled by ATMEGA328 IC.