wellcome to car-android

this is my project for converting a regular 1din car stereo into cool android operate  tablet multimedia system.


this is ongoing project!

be sure to visit again in the future..


10/07/2013 – got my 2din frame in the mail.

08/08/2013 – got my hvac plastic part!, looks greate.

09/08/2013 – my dashboard is now 2din!

11/08/2013 – still waiting on my tablet to arrive..

01/09/2013 – started working on the 4ch volume control board – updated some pictures

02/09/2013 – the tablet has arrived, has some usb issues in the connector.

03/09/2013 – tried to solder usb wiers out from the tablet &  broken the connector pcb and messed up the entire tablet..

contacted the seller for a replacement part.  – here we stuck again


here is a picture of the tablet in the 2din frame (after got broken – can’t charge or sync – no usb connector & mic & vibertor),

just put it there to see how it will look like at the end – and it’s look amazing!


how it will look like



next step is continuing research and assembling all the parts for a working system.

then mounting it all in the car…